How can you make sure others will know what to do for your child with special needs?

Let Vest help you become your child's 

Special Needs Storyteller

We all have a story.  Most of us can tell our own.  But for a child with special needs, it's not so easy.  And often it's not possible at all.

You need to become your child's chief storyteller.  No one will ever know your child as well as you do. As you navigate the day, the week, and life with special needs, you must help others know what it takes to keep your child healthy and safe. You're keeping track of  1,000+ details to make it so.  


You're also making sure that everyone on your support team knows your child's personal story.  Things that work, things that don't work, prescriptions, behavior, keys to happiness, base-lines for your child's well-being. 


You've learned that your biggest challenge is making sure others will know your child as a person, and not just a diagnosis.  Because your child's life is not a list.


Buried deep down is the realization that you child's life will one day  continue on without you.  And knowing this certainty, you also know that  you must have a way to make sure others will know your child's personal story after you're gone.

That's why we created Vest,  so you can make sure others will know what to do.  

So you can worry less about your child's future. And enjoy more time and energy to focus on your own happiness and well-being.


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