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As a Special Needs Parent, how can you do everything you can

to make sure others will know what to do for your child's future care and protection?

You Need a Special Needs Storyteller

If you've been looking for a way to make sure others will know what to do for you child's care when you can't be there, then look no further.

Vest is the solution you've been waiting for - and not just because you can easily manage your child's special needs information, all in one place, from any device.


We built Vest to give you a way to create and securely share your child's personal story, so others will know what to do.


No credit card     No Comittment     No Strings Attached

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Fast - get started in less than 60 seconds.

Enjoy -  all Vest features for 14 days.  Risk-free!

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Aunt Sarah & Uncle Josh Need to Know Your Child's Personal Story

You're counting on your loved ones to care for your child if the worst happens to you.


Vest is your solution for making sure they will know your child's personal story and insights for care when you can't be there.

Because Sarah and Josh are counting on you to let them know what to do.

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Save time

Easily organize files, records, prescriptions, everything.  Your Vest has 200+ pre-labeled "Pockets" built exclusively for navigating special needs. We've  already organized special needs, so you don't have to.

Reduce Stress

Keep all of your child's special needs information in one place.  Get to it all, from any device, when you need it, with just one click.

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Worry Less

Create instructions, insights, and guidance for your child's health and support.  Safely keep your support team up-to-date.  Vest gives you a  safe and effective way to let others know what to do for your child's care when you can't be there.