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Why a "Person-Centered Records" App ?
Because your child's life is not a list.

Michael Pearce & Susan Chin-Pearce, Founders

When we say "Person-Centered," we mean that Vest has been specifically designed with a focus on simplicity, ease of use, and intuitive organization, taking into consideration the unique needs and challenges faced by parents of children who are living with special needs.

Vest is structured and organized in a manner that is easy to understand, efficient, and promotes cognitive ease. Our intuitive categorization, logical arrangement, clear labeling, and other user-friendly features are aligned with how your brain actually works. Thus reducing  reduce mental effort and stress and enhancing  the ability to navigate and retrieve information with ease in a naturally flowing manner.

Here are some ways Vest embodies the "Person-Centered Records" concept:


1. Streamlined Interface: Vest offers a clean and user-friendly interface that minimizes clutter and distractions. It presents information in a clear and organized manner, making it easier for parents to locate and access the specific records and information they need quickly.


2. Intuitive Organization: Vest utilizes a smart categorization system tailored to the care and well-being of children with special needs. It allows parents to easily group and sort records, documents, medical reports, therapy notes, and other relevant information in a way that aligns with their child's unique needs and developmental  milestones.


3. Simplified Navigation: Vest prioritizes simplicity in its navigation structure, reducing the cognitive load on parents. It employs logical pathways and intuitive menus, enabling easy access to specific sections or documents without the need for extensive searching or complex folder structures.


5. Collaboration and Sharing: Vest facilitates seamless collaboration between parents, caregivers, and professionals involved in the child's care. It provides secure sharing options that allow for controlled access to specific records and information, ensuring that everyone involved is on the same page and can contribute effectively to the child's well-being.


By emphasizing these Person-Centered aspects, Vest gives parents  a digital records management solution that reduces cognitive overload and and works with your brain, not against it. 

Sparking a Holistic Approach

At Vest, we're on a mission to  revolutionize the way the world thinks about ensuring the lifespan well-being for individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).


The traditional "medical model" of IDD, as embodied in file-based apps, is focused on the child's diagnosis and suggests that parents should compose an instruction manual for their child's  care, while largely disregarding the individual as a whole person.


Vest is founded on a new human-centric paradigm that prioritizes the life of the whole person.   We reject the "instruction manual" approach.

By building our app on the metaphor of a Vest, which contains separate sections and pockets for different areas of life experience, we make it easier and more intuitive for parents ensure positive outcomes for their child across the lifespan.


We're giving parents a new, human-centric solution for navigating life with special needs.

By changing the special needs dialogue, we're building the new Vest paradigm that prioritizes the whole person to ensure positive outcomes across the lifespan.


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Our mission

Our Team

At Vest, we are passionate about improving the lives of families of children with special needs. Our team consists of experts in technology, special needs law,  special education,  and governmental supports and services, as well as parents of children with special needs who bring their unique perspective to our mission.


We believe in the power of collaboration and real-world experience, and are dedicated to constantly improving our platform to better serve our Vest families.


We understand the challenges that come with being the parent of a child with special needs, and we're committed to using our expertise to create a solutions that simplifies and enhances your daily life while providing you practical and achievable solutions to ensure positive outcomes for your child's lifespan well being.


With a focus on collaboration, empathy, and constant improvement, our team is dedicated to making a real difference in the lives of families like yours.

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