About Vest Life

Nourishing Positive Narratives for Parents of Children with Special Needs


Our mission is to make life easier for parents of children with disabilities.

We will accomplish this mission by offering tools, resources, guides and support to help parents successfully navigate life with special needs.

We're going to nourish positive narratives on parenting a child with special needs. 


We’re going to blow-up the medical, legal, professional and cultural biases against parents

of children with disabilities


As we vanquish these pervasively negative narratives on special needs parenting, we're going to necessarily ruffle disability establishment feathers along the way


We believe that there is a fundamental error in the way that medical, legal, and other professional “experts” typically view families of children with disabilities as the “other” who are outside the norm.


Vest Life is disrupting the perceptions and assumptions that the lives of families of children with disabilities are characterized by never-ending struggles to overcome seemingly insurmountable problems.


We believe that a child with disabilities is not an "insurmountable problem," and that with thoughtful planning, and with the right tools, resources, support and positive guidance, parents have the ability to “opt out” of the restraints placed upon them by negative narratives and biased cultural perceptions of having a child with disabilities.


We believe that parents of children with special needs have the ability, and right, to lead productive, positive, happy, and fulfilling lives in the same manner as parents of “typical” children do. 


We understand that the best thing that parents can do for their child’s well-being is to consider their own well-being, too.


We believe that it’s time for parents of children with special needs to be “Leaving Holland.”

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