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Stressed When Summer Ends

Does life feel like a fun house that isn't any fun?

Does this sound like you right now? Sleep deprived, anxious, overwhelmed, depleted, stressed. You may be feeling overwrought and pulled in 20 different directions.

Why does September have the power to grab you by the wrists and ankles and pull you like a Stretch Armstrong doll? The better question is: what are you going to do about it?

Summer "ended" when Labor Day arrived. The departure of summer (unfortunately altered by covid) signals "back to school," and for most families, distance learning is replacing our familiar routines. Our kids are still home, and we're struggling mightily to provide what they need while we tend to our own numerous responsibilities. It's hard!

What's making this September particularly stressful is that we're facing multiple major issues at once: the continuing covid crisis, rampant wildfires, election concerns, massive hurricanes, economic struggles, racial turmoil, and more. And dare we say it?

The holidays are coming. That alone is enough to spark months of intense stress.

The world is weary, and so are you. We've been figuratively stuck in an unsettling fun house since the beginning of 2020 - a year most of us would like to forget. You're fed up and frazzled and looking for an escape. Just as you round another corner, some scary clown jumps out to give you another fright. Enough!

So just where is that exit door? You know the one. You push it open and a burst of fresh air greets you. Sunlight replaces the dark and eerie black light. Once you exit, the door slams shut and you're not going back in (thankfully).

Life these days can feel like a 24-7 fun house with no exit door.

Face it - you can't stop the floor from tilting or the barrel from spinning. Those crazy mirrors will distort reality and even mess with your sense of yourself. What are you going to do about it?

First, don't stand idly by. Don't give in to the temporary feelings of fear or frustration or failure. We all feel like that; you are not alone. We either have to wait till someone shows us the exit with their flashlight, or, we have to muddle through the maze ourselves to find our fresh air.

No matter what you're matter what it is that's got you pulled and tense and must focus on self care. Self care is what gets you through.

Self care isn't a luxury. It isn't something given to you. You've got to give it to yourself. More than ever, you must create time for self care. Intense, guilt-free time dedicated to the recharging of your own battery.

Vest would like to remind you that one way to do this is by using Vest to reduce your worry. Vest allows you to be in complete control of managing your child's ongoing care. Your child's complex needs can naturally add to the stress of everyday life.

Managing those needs and planning for seamless future care as you and your child age is what Vest helps you do. It's quick, it's easy, it's stress-free.

Think of Vest as a self-care tool. There's no other tool like it. While it helps you take control of all-things-special-needs, it will feel like you've got an extra bright flashlight to guide you through the crazy fun house.

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