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20 Special Needs Terms Every Special Needs Attorney Should Know

Having a practical understanding of the lexicon of special needs world is an essential qualification for any attorney you choose to help you with your child's Special Needs Trust.

As part of their passage into the special needs world, many parents have read “Welcome to Holland” by Emily Perl Kingsley. Kingsley's essay describes the excitement of boarding a flight for a long-anticipated vacation to Italy (the birth of her child).

Kinsgley explains how her world changes drastically when the plane unexpectedly lands in Holland (the birth her child with disabilities). Suddenly, she's landed in a foreign country, where everyone is speaking Dutch. I wrote more about Holland here.

I sometimes joke with my clients about how I can speak Dutch. They get the joke when our discussion focuses on their current experiences and obstacles in life with a child who has special needs.

I/DD, IEP, ITP, ABA, SSI, SSDI, FAPE, ADL, IDEA - we could fill ten pages with the specific "Dutch" acronyms and terms that special needs parents must learn.

To help you find the right attorney, here's a link to my recent post "the Ultimate Guide to Choosing your Special Needs Trust Attorney." I also put together a list of 20 Common "Dutch" terms to help in your interview with a potential special needs attorney.

-Michael Pearce, Founder, VestLife


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