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A simple tip for saving time in 2021 for Special Needs Parents

Get into the PDF habit

One of the biggest challenges facing special needs parents is keeping track of mountains of special needs paperwork. Organizing, storing, finding what you need, when you need it. Aaack! What a time-sucking pain!

So here's our simple tip for easing your pain in 2021:

Ask for pdf copies. Of everything.

The law is on your side here.

Schools must provide you with digital copies of IEPs and other education records for your minor child.

You also have the right to obtain digital copies of your minor child's medical records.

Other service providers have no reason to not give you pdf copies of their digital service records for your child. Why wouldn't they want to help?

So, in 2021 make it a habit of asking for pdf copies of your child's digital records.

Then when 2022 rolls around, you'll have a lot less paperwork to deal with. And more time for meaningful things.


So, what are you going to do with all of those flash drives? A drawer full of thumbs can also be a pain.

Want to know where to easily store, simply organize, and quickly find those your child's pdf files? Learn how here >>


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