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Why a Vest for your Child with Special Needs? Because Life is Transition

We live our lives amidst a perpetual current of change.

"Life is transition. When transitions stop, that's when you know you’re dead."

This is something I often say to our Team. And they're always saying, "Hey Michael, no one gets your jokes but you." My wife concurs.

When you think about it though, it’s really true! Every moment you're alive is nothing more than a connection to the next moment. We live our lives amidst the perpetual current of change.

It's those inevitable transitions that determine our course.

Transitions can happen because we plan them, and transitions can happen unexpectedly.

Most of us are pretty good at handling our personal transitions along the way. We learn to adapt to change as life rolls on.

But what happens when your child with special needs is counting on you for help with their own transitions?

Are you going to be prepared with the records, key information, and key people to help your child successfully navigate changes in his or her life?

How will your child be able to adapt to unceasing changes after you're gone?

Most people simply wait for life's transitions to happen and then respond. Some will shift the burden to others. Some will grow frantic in their effort to rise to the challenge. Some may give up.

Some, though, will be exquisitely prepared to handle the changes. Which one are you?

No matter your answer, Vest can help. Vest can provide you with the tools you need to accomplish the most important job of your life: protecting your child with special needs as life unfolds.

Whether it’s the mounds of files and records, keeping track of service providers, coordinating caregivers, IEPs, school papers, medication lists, updating the Team, and managing those 1,000+ constantly changing details in life with special needs - Vest has you covered with powerful tools to make your life easier. Lean More About Vest Here

And here's the truly amazing part: Vest is going to help you make sure others will know what to do for your child after you're gone. And then Vest will continue on helping your child for his or her lifetime.

You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that as life unfolds, you're taking control to provide for your child's care and future the best way you can.

That's why we built Vest. Because life is transition.


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