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Why a "Vest" for Special Needs?

Where do good ideas come from? For our Vest App, literally out of thin air and my wife's promise that "It will just come to you."

It came to me on a warm summer day after a Corona and a nap. That beer and short snooze turned out to be the best remedy for being stumped over what to name our App.

A ton of ideas had came and went for several weeks, and nothing seemed to fit just right.

Then one day, my daughters planted a seed in my mind: "Hey Dad, why don't you pick some type of clothing?"

After Googling ‘clothes,’ we went through bunches of clothing items to see if any particular piece of attire might resonate for our App name. Pants? No. Jacket? Nah. Socks? Nope. Sleeve? We were reaching.

We needed to find a cool metaphor that would give us a catchy name. But nothing seemed to click. Aack.

Then one Saturday afternoon, after hours of googling, online research, and another barrage of failed ideas, feeling worn out and deeply discouraged, I took the advice of my wife, Sue, who told me to take a break and "It will just come to you."

So I grabbed a bottle of Corona and escaped to the back yard lounge chair. And quickly dozed off.

A few minutes later, my eyes suddenly popped wide open, and I was staring straight up into a deep summer sky framed by frothy white clouds.

It was then that the word "Vest" beamed into my brain, as if dropped down from the depths of those summer clouds. I knew then we finally had it. The perfect name for our App!

I ran into the kitchen, empty Corona bottle in hand, and yelled out, to no-one in particular, “Vest! How does that sound?”

Sue and our two teenage daughters rushed into the kitchen where I kept excitedly shouting, "Vest! Its' a Vest. Why can't it be a Vest? What do you think of Vest?"

My wife and daughters all concurred, pointing out that:

  • A Vest that you wear has pockets where you put important stuff that you need to have on hand and get to easily when you need it (our App helps special needs parent store important information in "Vest Pockets" and get to it all instantly, from any device;

  • A life Vest keeps people afloat and helps them survive when stranded in dangerous waters (our App enables special needs parents to ensure their child's well-being, protection and care after you're gone); and

  • Parents are completely Vested in creating a system for the lifelong protection and care of their child with special needs (our App supports special needs parents with tools and solutions to actually do that).

Finally, thanks to a Corona and a nap, and some excellent advice from my wife, we had a fitting name for our App (pun intended).