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Attitude, Understanding & Vision

There are more students on the autism spectrum than ever before. Teachers and parents of special needs students often work together to help the child achieve their goals, yet, educators and caregivers often find that certain educational approaches focus on a student's deficits.

As teachers work hard to provide each of their students with what they need to reach their full potential, strength-based approaches to learning are helping kids meet their goals. In her book, Exceptional Minds across the Autism Spectrum: Pathways to Success in School and Beyond, Corinne Levitt shows readers how the attitudes we maintain about exceptional students influence our expectations of them.

All too often, parents and special education teachers find that society tends to downplay the potential of those with special needs. There's an old mindset "out there" that speaks to deficits and limitations rather than strengths and purpose. Levitt, a special education teacher herself, advocates for re-examining the attitudes that shape school culture. Parents and teachers alike can do SO MUCH when it comes to helping others recognize a strength-based approach and TAKE it, so students on the spectrum can thrive.

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