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I Don't Need Vest; I Have My Family

Why have a Vest if your family knows everything?

Vest helps special needs parents prepare for the inevitable: there will come a day when you will not be able to take care of your son's or daughter's extensive needs as you have done most of your life, and probably all of theirs, due to illness, advanced age, medical conditions, or (stay with me) death.

Many parents who raise children with special needs sometimes have a support system or network of family members and close friends who "get it." Many do, but unfortunately, many don't.

Either way, having trusted family and/or knowledgeable friends will not guarantee that all the information you possess about your child - no matter what their age - will be transferred to the person responsible for their care after you are gone.

WHY? You may say to yourself that family members have been there through thick and thin with you. They have seen what goes on. They have been a part of your daughter's life for decades, and they know her. Close family members are familiar with your house, and Uncle Rob of course knows everything you do to calm your son when a meltdown occurs.

Hey, Grandma and Grandpa have babysat and given the medications, right? Your sister knows all about the food allergies, because she bakes all the birthday cakes in your family. Your other children are directly involved in the care of your child with special needs; surely they naturally absorbed what they need to know about taking care of their sibling. You're SET.

Vest comes along, and you see it. You look into it, and you think, "Wow! Great tool!" But another thought enters your mind: I'm sure there are people out there who need this, but I don't.

I don' family will cover for me if I'm ill or unable to provide for my family is close and they'll pick up where I left family knows just what to do without some digital platform getting in the way And, no one would fault you for thinking that way.

But we here at Vest want to challenge that way of thinking.

The 24-7-365 relentless, all-encompassing care YOU (and perhaps your spouse or significant other) provide your toddler/teen/adult child is different from the care and contribution those family members put forth now. If any one of them had to step into your worn-out shoes and take over, there is just no way they'd understand every detail or every nuance associated with your child's overall care.

They might understand many things, but unless they are doing what you do, day in and day out, they cannot understand all things.

Vest is designed so the person stepping into your shoes understands all things.

The siblings who might naturally absorb what goes on in the household, and who you'd rely on to know how to care for their brother or sister in a way similar to your way, will grow up and have lives of their own. They may or may not be willing to step in and become the primary caregiver. Or, it's not beyond the scope of reality to think they might step in for a certain length of time, as their circumstances permit, and then want to or need to step out, leaving the responsibility for someone else.

Vest functions as the consistent source of information for anyone who steps in to continue care for your child during their lifetime.

Grandma and Grandpa might know the medications...sister might understand the food allergies...uncle knows how to calm things down...this is scattered information requiring ongoing communication between several parties. Communication can and does break down over time. Family members face their own life-changing events, and, people move.

Vest will be there all the time, day and night, around the clock, in every city...available when the primary caregiver desperately needs information pertaining to your child's well-being.

When many people have random bits of information about your child, while no one but you carries all the detailed information, it's like having neighbors do a thousand-piece puzzle on your kitchen table without the straight-edged pieces; YOU have them in YOUR pocket, and no one can access them. The puzzle cannot be complete, and it will be reinforced.

Vest provides the reliable reinforcement you absolutely need to ensure the ongoing care of your child with special needs.

Sign up for Vest today and share your child's Vest with family members. They'll be stronger members of your team when you do.

Learn more about Vest. Click the doggie :)


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