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I Don’t Need Vest; My Spreadsheet Works Great!

Spreadsheets are monsters haunting your plans

Ahh, the spreadsheet. So many purposes, but so little benefit.

You're raising a special needs child and must have plans for future care. It's likely for your child to grow up and remain living with you as you continue to provide care beyond your child’s 18th birthday.

The day will come, inevitably, when you won’t be able to provide the same level of care as you once did. Spreadsheets may fill a temporary need (like Halloween candy does). But in the long run, they'll leave you with information decay.

If you have a collection of spreadsheets containing information relevant to your child, why would you even consider using Vest?

Spreadsheets may keep data nice and tidy. But, have you ever tried sharing a spreadsheet with someone who doesn’t have the same software? They can’t open it, or, when they do, the information is all skewed. All that time you spent organizing - and now it doesn’t make sense to the person receiving your spreadsheet.

Entering data into a spreadsheet is tedious. Really: does anyone like the task of populating all those little cells? And what about the appearance? On the screen, half of the information is cut off. What will it look like when it prints (if it prints)? The horror!

Spreadsheets are understood fully only by the creator. They are accessed and updated only by the creator. No one is going to find them, much less make sense of them in the right way and use them to care for your child.

The only way a spreadsheet works is if the parents become vampires.

They need to live forever, because they are the only ones who know how to take care of the person with special needs. They must remain alive to be the constant explainer of all their child's needs for a lifetime and beyond.

Don't be a vampire. Use Vest: a tool designed for parents and caregivers who are raising children with special needs. When a family uses Vest, they are ensuring continued, seamless care for their child (whatever their age may be).

Vest is pre-organized, so no worries there. That saves you time. When you add documents, they stay formatted. No chance of someone getting a scrambled document that doesn’t make sense.

Uploading documents is very easy and fast; forget searching through 40 spreadsheets; once a document is in Vest, a change is a click away.

Vest is built for now and the future. You won’t have to worry about how anyone will access the pertinent information on a spreadsheet when the software is outdated. Vest has taken care of that.

Before you become buried in spreadsheets that suck the life out of you and leave future caregivers with little to no relevant information, get Vest. It'll give you that "no monsters under the bed" feeling.


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