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More Pie in the Sky?

So how are those New Year's resolutions coming along?

Why do we make New Year's resolutions? It seems the only thing they're good for is filling us with guilt for not getting around to them. The last people who need more guilt placed on them are special needs parents. Right??

You, as a special needs parent, are already bending from the weight of all the responsibilities placed on you. Then, to weigh you down even more, society and tradition come along every January and urge you to make new resolutions. TV ads and social media are overflowing with reminders about how you’re starting 2021 behind.

You may not even be conscious of it: the wearing-down that takes place when the calendar flips to January. With societal influence, your brain automatically thinks about all the things you need to do and all the unfinished business from the previous year.

So you make your lists, and start with everything we did not get to the year before. You add to the list all the things on which we set your sights. Now you’ve got double the pressure. And as special needs parents know, because you're routinely operating under pressure, anything else adding to the load will be disregarded.

45% of Americans say they make New Year’s resolutions; about 8% say they reach their goals. So, what’s the point? You don’t really want resolutions. We here at Vest say “be anti-resolution!” Stop the madness, and quit focusing on pie-in-the-sky thoughts!

You want to do something easy? Something rewarding? Something that will give you an immediate sense of accomplishment? No resolution will make you feel the way Vest does when you create an account and add information about your child.

Stop being assaulted by New Year’s frenzy with its promise that making resolutions will change your life. Vest will change your life. Vest will give you a real sense of accomplishment, and you’ll have tangible results instantly, with no guilt.


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