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Vest Is Helping Special Needs Parents and Providers Ensure Continuity of Care during the Pandemic.

We've all heard the saying Happy Wife, Happy Life. Did you know that the same thinking applies to children with special needs and their parents?

Parents of children with special needs (whether toddlers, teens, or adults) are happier and more at ease in life when their children are happy.

Part of what inspires happiness in the kids has to do with how engaged and involved they are in their daily lives. At school, at day programs, at home… whatever the case may be, children with special needs of all ages must feel included and wanted.

All special needs parents desire inclusion and continuity of quality care for their child throughout the day, and especially during those times during the day when others are providing care.

We’re excited to announce that Vest is now helping adult day programs stay open and continue providing care during the pandemic!

By extending the Vest solution to adult day programs, we’re helping providers stay open and provide remote services so your child can continue receiving vital services during this pandemic.

Government agencies have imposed new and burdensome reporting requirements for Adult Day Programs. Many providers are finding it nearly impossible to gear up for the new regulations and paperwork. Sadly, faced with this massive new paperwork obligation, some providers are actually facing the prospect of going out of business.

The good news is that Vest has solutions that allow providers to comply with the new government reporting requirements. VestADP allows adult day providers to spend less time on administrative paperwork, so their staff can devote more time and attention to their clients.

And we all know that more time spent in quality engagement leads to better overall care. Happy child, happy parent!

If you haven’t been to your Vest lately, we encourage you to login to see some other great improvements were making to help you save time, reduce stress, and worry less about your child’s care and future.

And we would be deeply grateful if you could help us spread the word about VestADP to your child’s adult day program!

Thank you & Happy Vesting!


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