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"I Do Everything I Can for My Child"

But what about for you?

Ask a parent of a child with special needs what she's done to help that child. Whether she's 20, 45, or 89, right off the bat she can list 100 ways she's addressed every need her child has. She's looked after medical needs. She's sought therapies and driven to and from every appointment, often participating in the therapy. She's advocated at IEP meetings. She's fought for inclusion. She's educated others about her child's strengths. She's read dozens of books and attended just as many conferences. In some cases, she's quit a job or altered her career to provide the level of care she knows her child deserves. She is a special needs hero.

Parents raising children with special needs step up to the plate when circumstances reveal to them they have a special needs child. They proactively educate themselves and quickly become experts on all-things-special-needs. The child is counting on the adult(s) to provide everyday care as well as critical care. When things are running smoothly, there is still care to be given. When life throws a curve ball, that level of care intensifies.

Over the years, as the child grows, the needs change. But the dedication does not. Parents continue in their roles with exceptional drive and tenacity. They are on the ball as they continue providing ultimate care at all stages of their son's or daughter's life.

They humbly tell themselves (and friends and family confirm) they have done and will do everything they can to meet their child's needs, now and in the future. They do go above and beyond! Think about ALL the work and ALL the learning that has gone into every single need that the child has had. All the trial and error along the way! It adds up to a ton of valuable information that non-special-needs parents marvel at: how does she keep it all straight?

And then, out of left field comes a shattering diagnosis. Life as it was changes in such a way that things might never be the same. The child with special needs...what is he then...12? 28? 49? Someone else will have to look out for him now. Now, and later, too. The warrior mom has a battle to fight, and her life depends on it.

But his life and continued care depend on her. What now? Does everything she knows and understands about her child (a lifetime worth of knowledge) disappear into thin air?

She's spent years providing care. But what about caring for the knowledge that resides within her? Will someone taking over care of her son have the privilege of receiving that knowledge and applying it to his care in the ways she would want?

It's time for parent-heroes of special needs individuals to get proactive about future care of their son or daughter. Life-changing illnesses, accidents, and even death from natural causes are facts of life no one has the power to evade. A special needs parent must also think about continuing the care they have so expertly and selflessly provided. Striking out at that point is completely avoidable.

How? How does a special needs parent do everything they can to care about and secure the in-depth, critical, personal knowledge they possess? With Vest.

With Vest, all parents of special needs kids can hit it out of the park. Then, it can truly be said that a special needs parent has done everything they can do for the current and future care of their precious child.

How can you, a special needs parent, do everything you can to make sure others will know what to do for your child's future care and protection?


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